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Directly connected to the deck extending from the south exit of Mitaka Station! The great convenience of being only 30 seconds from the station.

A station-front building convenient for your everyday life having a wide range of shops such as restaurants, fashion shops, teahouse and others providing miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, books and food. In the basement grocery department, we have a stock of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, prepared foods, a bakery etc. and we have popular annual events and special sales that are held every Friday during the "Friday Specials Market." At the restaurants on the fourth floor, you can enjoy a meals during your shopping. To top it all off, we also have the Mitaka City Gallery of Art on the fifth floor where elaborately planned exhibitions are held.

Shop and Floor Guide

5F Mitaka City Gallery of Art http://mitaka-sportsandculture.or.jp/gallery/
4F Restaurants Floor Map
3F Books Floor Map
2F Fashion
Floor Map
1F Variety
Floor Map
B1 Mitaka
Floor Map
5FParking Information

Parking Information

Below are the parking rates for the parking lot in Basement 2 and the affiliated parking lot Times (neighboring parking lot) at Mitaka Coral. Please present your parking ticket when shopping at one of our stores. About Parking Rates: When you spend the following at one store at Mitaka Coral, we will give you:

30 minutes free parking for spending more than 2000 yen
60 minutes free parking for spending more than 4000 yen

  • ※This free service is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes per purchase.
  • We will issue a one and a half hour free ticket for spending more than 10,000 yen at the
    restaurant street on the fourth floor.
  • ※We will NOT add together receipts between tenants. ※Receipts are only valid on the day of issue.
  • The Keibundo bookstore on the 3rd floor & Mitaka City Gallery of Art on the 5th floor
    does NOT provide this service.
  • ※Please understand that some information may change depending on circumstances.


3 Chome-35-1 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0013
(30 seconds from the south exit of JR Mitaka Station)

Electric Train Only 30 seconds from the south exit of JR Mitaka Station!
Using the JR Chuou Line, it takes about 17 minutes from Shinjuku Station or 28 minutes from Tokyo Station to JR Mitaka Station.
※You can enter through the entrance on the second floor of Mitaka Coral that is straight from the south exit deck of JR Mitaka Station.
Bicycle Please use the adjacent Neo City Mitaka parking lot. (Available 09:00-21:30)
※Only customers that shop, dine, or complete bank procedures at Mitaka Coral may use the parking lot.
Car Kanetsu Expressway: About 12.4km from Nerima Interchange
(About 35 minutes via Route 311)
Chuo Expressway: About 6.2km from Takaido Interchange
(About 20 minutes via Hitomikaido)
Bus For those coming from Mitaka Ghibli Museum, it takes about 5 minutes to reach the bus stop in front of Mitaka Coral using the Mitaka City Bus.
Mitaka Coral is convenient for dining and shopping.
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【Closed】 1 January, and on the second Wednesday in April and September